How To Choose The Best Single Jogging Stroller: Read This Before You Buy A Jogging Stroller!

BOB Revolution Stroller

BOB Revolution Stroller – Swivel Wheel Jogger

First of all, what do you intend to do with it? Are you a “serious” jogger, or are you a “kind of serious, but not really” jogger. This is important when it comes to choosing the design. “Serious” joggers will more than likely lean towards a fixed wheel for added stability, whereas the “kind of serious” crowd will lean towards the swivel wheel, for more maneuverability. Also, where do you intend to go? Are you running on a track, or an off-road trail? Are you be-bopping around town, sidewalk crawling (as I like to call it), or are you shopping at the mall? All of these things will help you determine not only the size of your tires, but the amount of suspension needed.

Second, take measurements! I’m serious! Measure your doorways, your hallways, and your trunk. This is the number one thing overlooked by consumers. Of course, the safety features are overall the most important thing, but, if you can’t fit it through your doorway, or into the back of your car, none of that really matters. So, measure, measure, measure. You need to know what the dimensions are as it stands, unfolded, as well as the folded dimensions. If you drive a big SUV, than you’re more than likely going to have plenty of room, but if you drive a little sedan, you might want to make sure it fits, without removing the spare tire!

Schwinn Free Runner Jogging Stroller

Schwinn Free Runner Jogging Stroller – Fixed Wheel True Jogger

Thirdly, test drive. Find a store that sells different brands of jogging strollers, and take your child for a test drive. Typically, you won’t find the best deal at a department store, you’ll have to go online for that, but there isn’t anything in the rule book that says you can’t test drive without buying. A test drive will tell you so many things. How does your child fit? Is he/she comfortable? How does the stroller fit you? Is it easy to push? Does it fold easily, and can you lift it into your car easily? However, I’m not sure if you should REALLY load it into your car, you may get arrested for “intent to shoplift”, so make sure you have permission first!

Last, but not least, do your RESEARCH! Read reviews, compare prices and features. Study the customer feedback. Educate yourself on your options, decide what features you can’t live without, and most importantly, make sure that your possible purchase has not been recalled for any reason.

Good Luck, and happy jogging, or “kind of” jogging!

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The Best Schwinn Jogging Stroller. The Schwinn Turismo Vs. The Schwinn Free Runner

Schwinn is a household name, from bicycles to exercise equipment, I think everyone, at some point, owned a Schwinn product. They’re backed by over 100 years of quality made products, so it’s no surprise that they’re one of the top selling jogging strollers on the market today. But, you didn’t come here for a history lesson, so let’s get this comparison started.

Schwinn Turismo Swivel Single Jogger

Schwinn Turismo Swivel Single Jogger @

The Schwinn Turismo and the Schwinn Free Runner are actually quite different. The Schwinn Turismo is an “all-terrain” jogging stroller with a front 12-inch swivel wheel, whereas the Schwinn Free Runner is “true” jogging stroller with a fixed wheel. The swivel wheel offers expert maneuverability, and turns on a dime. It makes navigating through tight corners, and narrow shopping aisles a breeze. The fixed wheel is intended for the serious jogger or runner. It tracks straight and provides excellent durability on any trail. If you’re a “serious” runner, than you’ll understand the need for confidence in your equipment, especially if baby is on board.

The only real similarities are the foot activated parking brakes, the aluminum frames, 5-point child safety harness’s, reclining seats, sun/rain shields, under-seat storage, and the parent trays. The Schwinn Turismo weighs 31 pounds and has a max weight of 60 pounds, whereas the Schwinn Free Runners weighs less, at 26 pounds, but holds 10 pounds less with a max weight of 50 pounds. ¬†The Schwinn Turismo has a few extra features, as do most all-terrain jogging strollers. Extra features include a pivoting child’s tray with cup holders, built-in MP3 speaker, spring loaded suspension and shocks, as well as a remote locker for the front swivel wheel, which is attached to the handle bar. The Schwinn Free Runner does not include as many extra’s, but it does come with a hand brake attached to the handle bar, and a rear suspension system with shocks. The seat cabin is also well ventilated, to keep you child cool and comfortable on a hot summer day.

Schwinn Free Runner Jogging Stroller

Schwinn Free Runner Jogging Stroller @

The only other difference is the price. The Schwinn Turismo has a listing price of $199.99, whereas the Schwinn Free Runner has a listing price of $170.00 – $239.99, depending on color schemes and extra features. All in all, both of these Schwinn Jogging Strollers are excellent buys, it all depends on the intended purpose. If you’re a serious runner/jogger, than the Schwinn Free Runner was built for you, however if you are a “kind of serious” jogger, than you may want to take a closer look at the Schwinn Turismo.


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The Best InStep Jogging Stroller. The InStep Safari Or The InStep Grand Safari?

InStep Safari Swivel Jogging Stroller

InStep Safari Swivel Jogging Stroller – click here to purchase on

The InStep Jogging Stroller’s are very popular among consumers, mainly because they’re not only affordable, but they provide the best value for your money. Two of the most popular models, the InStep Safari Swivel Jogging Stroller and the InStep Safari Grand Swivel Wheel Jogger, are so similar, it’s hard to tell what the differences are, besides the price. Surprisingly, the InStep Grand is cheaper than the InStep Safari. I would’ve thought this would be the other way around, so that begs the question, why is it called the GRAND Safari?

First of all, let’s look at the similarities. Both the InStep Safari, and the Grand Safari have similar designs, including a front 12-inch locking swivel wheel, and 16-inch rear wheels. Both are also super easy to assemble, and fold compactly, as well as having the option to remove the rear ¬†wheels. Both InStep Jogging Strollers also include an adjustable handle bar, parent and child trays, running leashes (wrist straps), and adjustable protective sun/rain canopies. Also, both InStep Jogging Strollers have a maximum weight limit of 50 pounds.

As for the differences, the InStep Safari original includes a padded push bar, and a removable, washable seat pad. The InStep Grand’s seat is made from faux lambskin, therefore it’s super cozy and warm, but it has to be spot cleaned. The InStep Grand also comes equipped with pneumatic tires and molded rims, as opposed to the original InStep Safari’s bicycle style tires with spokes. The InStep Grand’s design also includes exposed spring suspension, that delivers an extremely smooth ride, as well as a remote locker. That means, you can lock the front swivel wheel from the handle bars, without stopping. The Grand also includes an MP3 speaker so that you and your little one can listen to tunes.

InStep Grand Safari Swivel Wheel Jogger

InStep Grand Safari Swivel Wheel Jogger – Click here to purchase at

With all those extra’s, I can’t understand why the original still costs more, aside from the fact that it weighs less, only about 5 pounds less. At the time of writing this article, the InStep Safari original was listed on for $145.99, 30% off of its list price of $210.00, whereas the Grand Safari was listed at $125.95, 21% off of its list price of $159.99……Well, it beats me.

So, to conclude this comparison, I will say this. It appears that the InStep Grand Safari may have better off-road capabilities with its spring suspension. It also has some nice added features, such as the MP3 speaker, and remote locker, all of which can make for a much more enjoyable hike or jog. I personally like the bicycle style wheels on the original InStep Safari better. They seem much more durable. In fact I read a review that complained that the InStep Grand’s front swivel tire was a pain to air up because of the plastic style spokes. It was also difficult to find a pump small enough to fit. All in all, both InStep Jogging Strollers are affordable, well built jogging strollers, and well worth the purchase price.

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